Published January 16th, 2015 by BenJ Hard Guys Praying For Good Wives. [Rated] I used to think praying about marriage was as much a preserve for girls as pregnancy is. I couldn’t imagine a real hunk on his knees praying to God about his future wife and kids. That was downright spiritual gayism! I mean who does that, right? Just go through as many chics as you can, settle with one at the time you feel you want to marry in as much the same way as you choose a chair in a ‘Musical Chairs’ game, and still keep it going with the mistresses. Or, if you were a better man than that, just make enough money and choose the one you had the best sex with, right? Or, or, or, just send word to your village for a fine girl to be made available to you and just rule your house like the overlord you are right? Who wants to be challenged in his house! You want to be served. You want to summon a woman, issue orders and have it executed with no protest, because after all, you’re the man right? The harrdddest guy. Lol. Boyyyyy have times changed! Wait, I don’t think it’s time that’s changed, rather sensibility has settled in fully. I’ve always maintained that good women are the dreams of dolu good guys and the desired destinations of smart bad boys. I’ve never been more convinced of that than now. You see growing up does this thing where it puts things in clear perspective. It’s not so much who has the fairest complexion; it’s who will be the fairest mother. It’s not so much who knows the choicest restaurant; it’s who makes the meals worth coming home to. It’s not so much who talks dirtiest, it’s who can speak faith into you when trials toss you about. It’s not so much who drools over the size of things that hang on you, it’s who sees the potential in the inside of you and wont stop till it’s manifested into the best man you can be. It’s not so much about who can wake you up with a ‘BJ’, it is about who you’ll wake up at dawn to find praying in tongues. It’s not so much about who worships you and is miserable without you, it’s who can tactfully rouse you from your egotistic stupidity before it reduces you to a fraction of the man you could be. It’s not so much about who all the boys want to be with, it’s who God is with and will speak through to you. Sooner than later, most boys realize this and freak out about its implications. goldinwordsBoys realize how serious a business marriage is. They see how futile all their life’s work will be with the wrong woman. They dread making a decision to be with a woman who’ll soon become the reason they prefer to sleep in the office. They realize that this wife business could possibly lead them to contemplate suicide. They see the emptiness in the lives of the married hard guys they envied. They see those ex-alpha males try to cover up their misery. They observe how the indifference and discouragement of those hottt wives make these once-promising hard guys wilt and wither. Then they realize that whilst they have time, they MUST find a good woman. Then they find the most powerful, zealous church to attend. Now hard guys spotting fine girls at a prayer meeting be like “shabala shabala shabala aaahh! Mmmhhmmmhh this vessel is tooo fiiinee eeehhh! Let her be, let her be, let her be the one eeehh!” Then they spot a ring on her finger and be like “Gaaaad, this must be just fashion now. Faada, let that be for just fashionnn! I command it!!” Meanwhile, what are the good guys supposed to do, huh? You know I don’t doubt that when a bad boy turns to Jesus, the hosts of heaven celebrate, but guess who suffers? The dolu spirito who hasn’t been able to tell sister Yvonne that her absence during Solomon’s era explains why he had to go through so many women. Gosh fam, we cant joke about who we settle with anymore. This post is biased towards guys, but women are also in desperate need of good men. It’s just that the hard guy’s realization is so much more drastic and kinda funny. Guys, you know what I think? I think we sleep away half the women who could have been great wives. When ‘peg’ enters ‘hole’ bliss and cum is just what comes first and ends quickly. The deed opens up doors to the principalities the Bible tells us we’re fighting against. So later when she becomes too problematic and ‘some way’ and ‘irreconcilable differences’ emerge, we should realize that we aren’t fighting against flesh and blood, but the creation of our fornication. We’re fighting the things we actually opened her up to when we opened her legs. Now you’re leaving her for who to take? Cammon go for your thing worhorworhor! The best way to good wives is to honor God when she becomes vulnerable to you. If we place that over the urge to fulfill an immediate sensual need, we will end up with good marriages. We ‘spit’ in our foods and walk away when it starts to react, and eventually almost everyone ends up with food some other guy has tainted in a way. So it may be too late to undo the harm we’ve done in the past, but let’s talk to those guys who look up to us and develop their understanding of the status quo from our actions. Let’s be men about it and admit openly the things we did wrong, the things we shouldn’t have done and lets recognize how pointless it is to work hard and make money if we’re going to end up with the wrong woman. As we seek her, let’s seek a better us so she’d feel undeserving to have us. And when you find her, saturate all the love and affection you’ll have spread over a dozen flings into this one virtuous woman. And also, as we do so let’s be mindful of the ‘spirito bredas’ who planted the seeds and watered the garden from which we now harvest our mangoes. God bless!


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