hey there, been a long time coming..doesn`t get closer, but with a superior eye watching over us we certainly are assured. After all the tussle from a past year we all should be hopeful on implementation of one`s aspirations and graduating into a third dimension…

Growth in todays world increasingly feels like navigating through a maze and intricately trying to side step land mines and manholes while escaping straying bullets.
You would be at peace by taking an action in what direction you want your life to go, so as when desires turn to trials,the wealth of the mind tends to be the ace of true wealth..

looking back at every wasted life is a bad philosophy.i think..its an erroneous impression of life`s worth and purpose. the man who believes his very existence depends on all that he can acquire will vaguely spend a lifetime trying to get it.
and if by some favourable circumstance he manages to get lots of fun out of life , his pleasures would be but a cage of spotted mice.

Under the sun we are made too noble to be satisfied with tawdry pleasures.If you are green you grow, If you ripe you rot;

Let this be a year of getting closer to the maker and establishing sincere contact with your innerself…



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