5 Depressing Christmas Songs from 2014 That Will Totally Bum You Out

check them out…..


Christmas time isn’t always so merry. Increased contact with button-pushing family members? The financial pressures of gift-giving? A constant barrage of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”? It’s enough to make you want to a punch a snowman and rip the festive lights right off your coworker’s cubicle.

Fortunately for your inner Grinch, there are Christmas songs out there that speak to not-so-jolly experiences around this time of the year. Here are five new songs from 2014 — some originals, some covers — that you can play when you’re not feeling the holiday spirit.

The Killers, “Joel, the Lump of Coal”
If Frozen brought the waterworks, steer clear of the Killers’ latest Christmas song — it might prompt enough warm and salty tears to melt Olaf. The Killers have released a new holiday-themed track every year since 2006, and while the material isn’t always uplifting — see…

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