Hello there,from hence the articles that makes it on here would be one of many that hold in esteem the categories of life and in its proportion designed for all.i see writing not just as an escape from a gloomy time but also as a form of letting go,and by not limiting us it provides catharsis for the moral and social burdens of everyday life for me personally.
All am saying is in this very piece am sure everyone will have a line or two of their own hidden within.
It is ok to let out…
Should I look back I just know I was immature
Holding onto life and expectant for it to be still, till
I was now very sure…
Young and distracted I was in such a haste
Believing my rush meant I wouldn’t be late
But I left behind…
How did I get here
I thought it would be easy for you too
That was a big mistake
I thought life was gone and left me in the summer
But all I did was cause its break…
Now i`m here
In all these I would learn something new about myself eachtime…
And in the depths of my heart I would encourage myself in the LORD.


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