This App Predicts When You’re Going to Die



Need a little extra motivation to book that vacation, write that novel, or even just get out of bed? An incessant reminder of your mortality might just do the trick. A new iOS app called Deadline predicts the date and time of your death based on data from Apple’s HealthKit. Feed the app basic information about your medical history and lifestyle, and it spits out the date that might just appear on your tombstone, along with a countdown clock that lets you watch as the seconds evaporate into regret.

Despite its logo, a silhouetted dead bird with its legs in the air, the app’s objectives are anything but morbid. “Consider this a way to motivate yourself to be healthier,” the description reads, although it goes on to hedge that its prediction is nothing more than a statistical estimation, and regular doctor visits are still a good idea. Though similar apps…

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