On Christ and Islam

Jesus Christ, Man or God?

(The double-bind)

Some have said: Jesus Christ was: Man and God!

Others have said: Jesus Christ was man, then God.

Are both right, or are both wrong?

I mean, did Christ own two complete natures?

One forever human!

Another forever divine?

In those far-off days of yesteryear (635 A.D.?)

Sections of the Christian Church refused this doctrine!

Thus, the orthodox opinion: Christ had two natures

(human and divine-)

The unorthodox, felt he had one-nature.

A Church, and a Religion divided!

Solution, Christ had one will, and that of which

Represented the will of God…

This would have seemed to have settled the argument,

But things did not settle there:

It came to being, the new issue was:

Christ had one nature and two wills.

But Mary, the mother of God, remained the Mother of God?

So what the churches ended up with was:

Christ’s nature, substance and will, in question, on how

They were mixed within the body of Jesus of Nazareth:

In those far-off days, of Christendom, and so still remain!

No: 4579/ 10-22-2014/Note one: The Churches of Jesus Christ, may be divided on doctrine, but they are not divided on Jesus’ will in being centered on God the Father’s determination… Note two: As far as how two natures can be within one: I call it a double-bind, that is, if you mix two substance together, you have two selves within one, two natures. Extraction would prove the two embodies. Second point, the sun has helium and hydrogen, without both of those substances, the sun would not be the sun. In a like manner, Christ cannot be called Christ the Messiah, without both natures within him.


‘The Hole of a Lizard’

The old gods have all died off –

Now, there is only one God!

This God I speak of, was discovered by the Jews; whom,

He sent Jesus Christ, the second to last prophet to reveal his views;

And now he has sent the final prophet, Muhammad, to complete them.

This strange new doctrine, was only meant to fulfill what the Jews and Christians had started, long before.

‘For the Jew,’ says the Muslim: ‘their religion has grown old and useless!’

And for the Christian, says the Muslim ‘they have misheard their savior as to being the final prophet!’

And so it would seem, Islam, back in 635 A. D., felt sorry for the blindness of the Jew and the Christian.

And in doing so, wanted to help God out, by helping those two religious groups find God.

Hence, Muhammad pointed out: the Jews had the Old Testament delivered to them by Moses –

The Christians had the New Testament, brought forth by Jesus –

And now the Koran, which summarizes the better of the two, makes them no longer needed!

Even though much of the Koran had come to Muhammad through teachings of the Jewish sagas; and it was Jerusalem Muhammad ascended to heaven, like the Jew, was descended from Abraham through Ishmael, and accepted Moses, Joseph, Saul and David and Solomon.

But the Jew laughed at Islam’s argument, the Torah was all they needed.

Even though the Muhammad.

And the Jew voices, God speaks through the Torah, not the Koran.

And for their stubbornness, the Muslim, decapitated eight-hundred Jews.

A sign of love and devotion to Allah.

And these eight-hundred were thrown into a trench, for their laughing at

Islam; and because they would not forswear their religion for Islam.

And they scored the Christian, although they accepted: John the Baptist

And Mary, the Virgin Mother, and Jesus Christ as worthy adversaries.

And then Mohammed said: follow them even if you need to ‘… creep into the hole of a lizard.’

And then strife scattered Islam, thus came the great separation.

No: 4580/ 10-22-2014

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dennis_Siluk_Dr.h.c.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8789063


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